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14Win a ATmega4809 Xplained Pro (ATmega4809-XPRO)
16Wide Terminal Low-Ohmic High Power Thick-Film Chip Resistor
18The Efficiency Revolution: Migrating to Advanced Low-Standby Power Architectures
22Making GaN Power Electronics Universal
26Inverter Cost Reduction Owing to Current-Measurement Integration in Power Modules
30Rechargeable Solid-State SMD Battery for IoT Applications
341700V X-Series HVIGBT Power Modules with Excellent Performance and Reliability
38Switch Mode Power Supply Current Sensing
44D.C. Output for the 27 MHz Resonant Converter

A Thankful Review

When a new year starts, it is a nice tradition to look back and draw some conclusions! Overall, 2018 has been another very successful year for our small family business.

The first business highlight was in March - the APEC show in Texas. We made it a brief stay as we wanted to get home in time to welcome Bodo's latest grandchild (my nephew). Now with four of them, we are nearly as busy as publishing a monthly magazine!

The next big event was PCIM Europe – Nuremberg, once again the gathering place for the experts of our industry. Our traditional podium discussion was the hot topic "Wide Band Gap". Speakers from GaN and SiC teams presented their latest news and outlook for the future. I still remember the audience overflow standing during the talks. I consider this a good sign of success!

As PCIM was held in June, attendees had a taste of one of the hottest and driest summers seen in Europe for many years! Nature is reminding us that climate change and global warming are not fake news, but an insight into some of the serious problems that we are facing!

In November the bi-annual electronica called us to Munich. What can I say: they even managed to make it bigger! I think that visiting all the stands would take two weeks. Our partners from EETech had their own booth, so besides a very demanding week of working and meetings, it was great fun to see them and to deepen our co-operation. One of the big topics in Munich was of course 'Electric Vehicles'. While writing these words, one of the countless notifications on my mobile seems significant: Germany's biggest auto-manufacturer published his roadmap for the future showing a complete change to electric drives. Planning a goal as far ahead as 2040 leads to some incredulous shaking of my head. On the other hand, considering how long it takes to build an airport in Germany, maybe we will be happy reaching this date. But I do believe that there will be a lot of EVs on our streets before then, made in Europe or not.

In December, our Wide Band Gap event in Munich, held in co-operation with ICC Media/ Aspencore, was a great success. The list of presenters was long and impressive and it was a day of amazing presentations and good networking. I’m quite sure that this meeting will be continued. We will keep you notified of future events.

Bodo’s magazine is delivered by postal service to all places in the world. It is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner to serve North America efficiently. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find all of our content on the website If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don’t miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Consider local destinations when planning your summer vacation. Aircraft do have the worst ecological footprint you can imagine!

Happy New Year
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