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14Switching Regulator for Automotive Applications
16Design Automation Conference
20High Voltage Power Semiconductor Modules with Enhanced Insulation Properties
24New Generation Power Semiconductor Dynamic Characterization Test System
28Using MOSFET Controllers to Drive GaN E-HEMTs
32High Efficiency Step-Down Regulators with Ultralow EMI Emissions
34Compact High-Current Inductors Based on Coupled Tape-Wound Cores
38How DC/DC Converters are Making Inroads Into Vehicles and Transport Systems

Summer in San Francisco

California and Silicon Valley are always worth a trip. Nearly 40 years ago I first drove down from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Route 1 – an impressive coast line. Silicon Valley hosted most of the integrated circuit development by the big players and is still an innovation center for semiconductors.

As a young boy I learned about germanium as a semiconductor material and that a transistor was a device to control electric current. As a student, silicon took over the semiconductor area. Then while I was working as an engineer, bipolar transistors were widely replaced by MOS, and then the IGBT was invented. I had a hand in getting MOSFETs and IGBTs implemented in European industry.

The continual objective of improved efficiency for power systems has led to the development of devices that replace silicon with new semiconductor materials. Wide band gap (WBG) transistor and rectifier devices in SiC and GaN material are now in full production. Integrated circuits for fully integrated power IC solutions are in progress using wide band gap technology. For example, Navitas is driving ahead with solutions for IC technology in GaN. Visiting SEMICON West in San Francisco, I could see all the people focused on optimized manufacturing and testing of wide band gap devices.

For sure, wide band gap devices have reached a mature position and significant investment is ongoing for production quantity. These new generations of semiconductors will drastically improve efficiency and the investment is warranted. So, stay in touch with the magazine for upcoming articles and future activities on WBG development. We will continue to deliver you the important fresh information, through articles written by the experts.

Such experts will once again gather together in Munich for a WBG power conference at the Hilton Hotel at Munich airport on December 3rd, 9 am to 5 pm. We are in the final planning phase of the event - more details will be published soon. Look out for it – it’s a hot topic.

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Toys for kids can be battery free – be on the lookout for them. The kids will have fun playing with simple toys.

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