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62Using Sintering Technology to Reduce Failure Rate of High Current Thyristors
66What They Don’t Teach About Synchronous Rectifiers in School – Selected Topics from Real Designs
68Optimized Thermal Layout for CIPOSTM Nano Half-Bridge Intelligent Power Modules

Now it is Summertime!

It will be exciting to meet once again in Nuremberg in early June for PCIM Europe. We can all hope that the asparagus stays good into June. For the last quarter century, it comes to mind that PCIM Europe has been always in May – so no problems for the asparagus. I’ve been an advisory board member since the late 80’s - time does fly by, but asparagus remains a special treat.

Fortunately, technical innovations are the norm. In the 90s IGBT switches, based on silicon, had a major impact – power electronics became more efficient and applications multiplied. Now the story continues with wide band gap devices achieving even more efficient designs. Progress is evident at all power semiconductor conferences around the world. For example: at APEC in Texas, and at TX and CIPS in Stuttgart; SiC and GaN technology has been the major focus.
Wide band gap devices are taking over more and more of the historically served areas of silicon devices.

In a tradition of nearly two decades, I will invite experts from industry leaders to present their latest achievements with wide band gap development. Come to the podium at PCIM Europe on
Wednesday, 6th of June, at Hall 6, Booth 155
From 13:30 to 14:30 we have “SIC – Devices for the Future Design”
From 14:30 to 15:30 we have “GaN – Devices for the Future Design”
Mark up your calendar and we will see you in Nuremberg, a few weeks from now. PCIM is the big family event. I hope the weather will be nice to us, to match sunny Texas, Florida or California.

Engineers work for progress for all people around the world. Our political leaders have to learn such pluralism, rather than play with protectionism, regardless of its appeal in the short term. We have only this one world and need to do the best for future generations. We must be able to explain the work we do to our grandchildren with pride. So we need to be careful with what we do and how we influence progress. It always takes resources and we must to understand that these are not endless – spend them wisely!

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My Green Power Tip for May:
Water your flowers in the garden with rain water, rather than using drinking water from the tap.

See you in Nuremberg in June.

Best Regards
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