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Visiting Anaheim Again
The home of Donald Duck is always worth a visit. Disneyland is a great entertainment park here in California, and it started the success of the Disney Theme Parks, in 1955, over 60 Years ago. APEC comes back to Anaheim every few years. The nice warm weather in California is one reason. The other is getting experts together to work on Power Electronics – making progress in reducing power consumption. The semiconductor industry is now the foremost technology for controls and designs that work.
Electric vehicles are in increasing focus to reduce emissions; more efficient air conditioners will contribute - many such applications of Power Electronic Technology are the answer for progress. We need to work hard to get global warming stabilized and keep the world in balance for future generations.
Wide Band Gap devices have become mature and are in use in new designs that have lower losses. Both SiC and GaN are now in practical designs with high efficiency. While GaN serves up to about 1000 Volt, SiC is available at higher voltages and meets the need for station class applications.
So, we are counting the days to meet in Anaheim at APEC, and a nice start into the warmer seasons of the year. The subsequent premier event in Power Electronics will be PCIM Europe, in Nuremberg – just in time for more asparagus. Wide Band Gap devices have been taking over more and more of the historically served areas of silicon devices, so I will continue the tradition of a podium discussion of Wide Band Gap technology with industrial leading experts. This will be held on

Wednesday, 8th of May at PCIM Hall 7, Booth 543
SiC – Devices are Mature, 13:30 to 14:30
GaN – Devices are Mature, 14:30 to 15:30

Next to the podium in hall 7 is the "Meet the Speakers Lounge", (7-546). This is a new service to have discussions in detail after the presentations. I am looking forward to meeting you there.
And around the corner you will find my booth 7-540 for chatting during the show.
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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
A chat with people in an open entrance door in winter wastes heat from the house. There are two alternatives: invite the visitor in and close the door, or get your coat on and go outside (and also shut the door).
Best regards
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