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12Energy Density and Multiple Packaging Options
14SWaP Benefits Help Reduce Power Consumption in HighRel Microprocessors
16A 6500 A, 4500V, 94 mm Asymmetric IGCT
22Unlocking the Full Potential of GaN with Vertical Devices
26Application-specific Capacitors for Laser Power Supply Units
28The Challenges of Obtaining Repeatable and Reliable Double-Pulse Test Results – Measurement Science
34Demystifying Resonance
40A Game Changer for DCB Substrates Compared to AMB Substrates
42A Guide to the Selection and Proper Operation of Switching Power Transistors – Part 2

 Let's Give it a Try

Not a day goes by without the announcement of another, now digital, event. Webinars experience a boom like we have not seen in a while. Press conferences are transmitted as live streams. And of course, trade fairs and congresses are looking for new ways to reach their visitors. I wish the teams all the best for the difficult task of building all this from scratch. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has never yet visited a virtual trade fair, and I also admit that I cannot imagine exactly what to expect. But it seems that this could, if not must, be the way ahead, at least in the near future. For sure, I will try it out shortly. Recently I read a very interesting article saying events in the future may become hybrid. The advantages of a digital fair combined with the benefit of meeting in person. Presentations and information transport electronically and the equally important networking face-to-face. I like the idea - this might be one of the next steps to come.

For the PCIM Digital Days in early July we are offering a special feature. We will have a section within our July issue where we would like to give both the exhibitors and contributors of this event, and also all other interested companies who are currently working on digital alternatives, the opportunity to promote their activities through advertorials. Be sure, the biggest part of the PCIM audience can also be found in our readership, so this is a good way to spread your message. Contact us if you’re interested in being part of this, there are still a few slots left. Also, as of today, it is planned by the PCIM organizers to give Bodo a platform to host his traditional podiums discussion. This year’s focus will be "SiC & GaN – The Game Changers". We are in contact with the presenters to give you the best possible experience. As the situation is so fluid here, please watch out for updates in our newsletters and on our social media channels.

We are one of the last remaining publishers to produce a printed product and we will continue to do so. We sometimes receive news that there are delays in the delivery of our magazine. This is beyond our control, I am sure everyone will understand that in the exceptional circumstances we are currently experiencing, irregularities are inevitable. We publish every month on the first of each month on time. The digital issue, identical, is sometimes available even a bit earlier for technical reasons.

Bodo’s Power Systems is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner serving North America efficiently. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find our content optimized for mobile devices on the updated website If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don’t miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
We all know about the tiny extra lines under emails that suggests we think about whether it is necessary to print out the email. I came over a similar phrase which also makes sense to me: "Please think twice whom you put on cc. Email traffic is consuming more energy than you might expect!"

Stay well