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147th Generation NX type (NX7) Converter Inverter Brake (CIB) Modules
16International Electron Devices Meeting—IEDM 2018
20Maximizing Performance with SiC Discretes
26Switching Performance of 750A/3300V Dual SiC-Modules
30Latest Generation IGBT Modules for Efficient, Reliable & Power Dense Systems
34Trench Schottky Rectifier: Functioning, Benefits and Use Cases
36Overvoltage Protection for RTD - Based Measurement Systems
42Some Aspects of AESA Power Supply Management

Innovation Is What Counts

There has been continual innovation in semiconductors. Our modern world would hardly function any more without intelligent electronic controls. Many areas of our life are now associated with electronics. Combustion-engine powered cars began without electronics – but today a large number of power semiconductors and control ICs have dramatically improved performance (though now a significant part of the manufacturing cost). After all these years, Electro-mobility to reduce pollution is the next big transition (with even more power semiconductors).

Electrical power generation is gradually replacing the traditional sources like coal, oil and nuclear. Hydro (water) has been a power source for a long time and will continue (to the maximum extent available). Now wind and solar are contributing to more and more renewable, non-polluting, power generation. And power semiconductors have been a key element in making such renewable power possible.

Bipolar germanium transistors were the first active switches, but were replaced by the improved performance of silicon devices and MOS structures. A most important development for power switches was the introduction of the IGBT in the mid 80s, reducing losses in high voltage applications, such as variable-speed motor drives.

Now we see wide band-gap devices in SiC and GaN reducing the losses even more. As a magazine editor, wide band-gap devices demand my full attention, as these devices will contribute in all power applications to reduce losses. This is the innovation we need to keep our world progressing.

While GaN serves up to about 1000 Volts, SiC is seen to go to higher voltages and serve the needs in station class applications.

I look forward to the upcoming events and the opportunity to chat with you. Next we will be in Anaheim - a nice start for the year in warm weather at APEC in California. Next is PCIM Europe in Nuremberg, again a time to enjoy the asparagus. Also on May 8th, I will continue the tradition of a wide band-gap podium discussion at PCIM, featuring leading industry experts. Details will be posted in the next issues and e-newsletters from my desk.

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My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Having flexible working hours helps – sleeping-in while the sun heats your house reduces your energy demand in the morning, and it’s so cozy!
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