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16SCALE-iDriver SiC-MOSFET Gate Driver
18Ultra-Low Power Technology for Thermally-Based Energy Harvesting
20Molded Core - Power Inductors or Bus Bars for Automotive and Industrial Applications
22The Challenges of Using SiC MOSFET-Based Power Modules for Solar Inverters
26Isolated Logarithmic Amplifier Using High-Linearity Optocouplers
30Automotive High Capacity Power Module
34Dynamic Load-Balancing Press-Pack IGBT for Robustness, Reliability and Ease of Use
38Soldering Materials for Next Generation of Power Electronics
421000 V Output, No-Opto, Isolated Flyback Converter
46High Voltage GaN Switch Reliability
48Innovations ‚Made in China‘
52DC Microgrids for Commercial or Industrial Buildings
56Optical Electric Field Sensor for Electrical Diagnostics of High Voltage Equipments

Counting the Days to PCIM

The first half of the year is always a busy period. We are just back from California and the APEC show ! Gary Dolny accompanied us and, as an expert with decades of experience, he knew just which sessions were most important. Keep an eye out for his summary in our upcoming issue. For Bodo and I, we could concentrate on seeing the show and meeting our numerous clients, partners and friends. It’s been a trip full of good impressions - on the professional side as well as personally. Seeing Venice Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge again, 13 years after my first visit, is another beautiful memory.

Next month the destination for the power community will be Nuremberg in Germany. I was there in February for embedded world and I can assure you that the public transportation system (which I used for the first time) works perfectly. Transit service from the airport into the city as well as after the show back to the airport by underground was absolutely smooth. Even when the show closed for the evening and hundreds of visitors hit the station, I only waited 10 minutes for the train. Did you know that Nuremberg has the first subway system worldwide, in which both driver-operated trains and computer-controlled trains share the tracks?

At PCIM our booth will again be in Hall 7, #540. Visit us for a chat, or better yet a short rest and a water - running around those halls is tiring! This year, Bodo’s traditional podium discussion, on WBG devices and applications, will also be held in this Hall 7. The Podium location is only a few steps away from our booth - very convenient. Beside this new location, there will be a "Meet the Speakers" lounge, where you can have a discussion with our speakers after their presentation. This is totally new, and I'm excited to see the results – lots of good discussion I hope. We’ve invited the Wide Band Gap experts and a chat with them will be insightful.

Bodo’s magazine is delivered by postal service to all places in the world. It is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner to serve North America efficiently. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find all of our content on the website If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don't miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
We should encourage our children to become involved in "Fridays for Future", instead of threatening them with penalties for staying away from class. The kids are right !

Best Regards
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