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14AC-Power Series Suitable for “Harsh Eenvironment” Applications
16Win a SAM L11 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit
18The Difference Between Accurate and Precise
22Getting Innovative Designs to Market Faster and Easier
28nHPD2 Power Modules - Where Innovation Meets Requirements
36Power Modules in Low Power Drive Applications
40High Voltage Thyristors with Self-protection Elements in Situations Beyond Safe Operation Mode
44Current Source Gate Drivers Boost the Turn-On Performance of IGBT
48Temperature Stability Assessment of GaN Power Amplifiers with Matching Tantalum Capacitors
52Development of a Wideband High-Precision Current Sensor
60Heat Dissipation Challenge in Automotive High-Power Integrated Magnetics
64Inrush Current Limiters - Combined Current Control
68High Bs Ferrite Material for High Power application
72Thévenin Equivalent Circuit and Maximum Power Transfer
74Reduce Size and Increase Efficiency with GaN-based LLC Solutions
78The Linear Charger in Wearable Applications
80Quasi-Class E Achieves Power Control and ZIS/ZVS
84Optimizing Custom Magnetics Design
88Get Your Power-Supply Design Right the First Time

Show Time is On

Having just survived "Oktoberfest", the next big thing for Munich is electronica. electronica is a big party for the electronics industry to display their technology and future dreams. Every second year all of us come to Munich to celebrate a week of communication, between semiconductor manufacturing and system level users.

When I was a young engineer I landed by plane in Riem Airport, which has now become the fairground. The old location for the Fair was in the center of Munich, at the “Theresienwiese”, 40 years ago - the “great old days”. It seems soon after that I was crossing the Atlantic in a 747, all the way to Chicago. Bipolar transistors were widely used. The world was mostly analog in communication, it was before cell phones. Silicon had replaced germanium in bipolar transistor technology, and MOS gated devices then took over from bipolar in power transistors. The IGBT was invented and became a workhorse for power applications at line voltage level. Those indeed were good years for me - introducing to industry MOSFETs and IGBTs for RCA, then GE-Solid State and finally for Harris Semiconductor.

Compared to bipolar, MOSFETs and IGBTs improved efficiency in all kinds of applications. We are again in a similar position, with wide band gap devices emerging with even higher switching frequencies, and a step forward in efficiency. We see SiC and GaN as the materials advancing the performance of power electronic switches - SiC capable of several kilovolts, while GaN has just reached one kilovolt ratings.

As I pioneered in getting IGBTs introduced to users in the 80's, it is now my pleasure to have experts in Wide Band Gap devices present their technology.

Mark your calendar for the Wide Band Gap Conference in Munich on December 4th at the Hilton Airport Hotel. Building on last year’s success, the program this year will continue and be strengthened with the cooperation of ICC Media / AspenCore. Visit for further information. The speakers program is finalized, and we look forward to interesting presentations and good networking!

Bodo's magazine is delivered by postal service to all places in the world. It is the only magazine that spreads technical information on power electronics globally. We have EETech as a partner to serve North America efficiently. If you are using any kind of tablet or smart phone, you will find all of our content on the website If you speak the language, or just want to have a look, don’t miss our Chinese version:

My Green Power Tip for the Month:
Cut your grass with a battery powered mower. Fuel powered mowers contribute a high amount of pollution to the environment.

Best Regards
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