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Design-Book "Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer"
The "Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer" consists of three parts: Basics Principles of Wireless Power Transmission, Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Applications. The first part of the book explains the basic physical principles and the different methods of contactless power transmission. Furthermore, the leading standards are presented in this part. The second part describes wireless power transfer systems, the different topologies of wireless power transmission, the right selection of trans...
IEEE CPE-POWERENGSonderborg, DenmarkApr 23 2019
International Power Workshop on PackagingToulouse, FranceApr 24 2019
Thermal SummitLos Angeles, CA, USAMai 02 2019
Satellite 2019Washington, DC, USAMai 06 2019
Battery Show EuropeStuttgart, GermanyMai 07 2019
EV Tech Expo EuropeStuttgart, GermanyMai 07 2019
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