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eGaN FETs for Upcoming Wireless Power Platforms
EPC announces collaboration with Solace Power to enable 250-watt wireless power solutions designed for 5G, aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial applications. Solace Power''s intelligent wireless platform use EPC''s 200 V enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN) power transistors. This modular platform shares the same Equus architecture and enables up to 250 Watts of transmitted power with superior six degrees of spatial freedom.

"We''re excited to collaborate with EPC to further push the limits of our capacitive wireless power platform and to deliver previously unachievable solutions with a higher power requirement," said Solace Power CEO, Michael Gotlieb. "Solace focuses on delivering complete, modular systems which are pre-tested for CISPR/FCC compliance and optimized in-house for rapid development in real world applications. These new solutions solve the most important challenges for applications requiring 200 watts or more."

For wireless power applications with higher power demands than traditional consumer devices, existing silicon-based transistors become inefficient. To address this limitation, Solace selected a 200 V gallium nitride-based power transistor from EPC for the 250 W solution.

"Wireless power is ready to be incorporated into our daily lives and the modular platform that Solace Power has developed, using highly efficient, low cost GaN transistors, will improve design cycle times and help new industries implement wireless power quickly and inexpensively," commented Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC.
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